Executive Package start at $7500.00 Madina First (No Azzazia)

  Accommodation Dar Al Ghufran Hotel Mecca & Dallah Taiba Hotel Madina.
  North America camp with air conditioned tents.
  Breakfast and dinner included.

Hajj Program #3 Includes:

Round trip ticket NYC/JED/NYC OR NYC/MED/NYC
  •   From 1 Dhu-l-hijja to 4 Dhu-l-hijja / 6 October to 9 October (MEDINA)
    •   Accommodation in Medina at Dallah Taiba Hotel or similar (4 stars).
    •   4 people in the room.
    •   Open buffet food (breakfast and dinner)
  •   From 4 Dhu-l-hijja to 8 Dhu-l-hijja / 9 October to 13 October (MECCA)
    •   Accommodation in Mecca at Dar Al Ghufran or similar (5 stars) in the Haram vicinity.
    •   4 people in a room or 6 people in each suite.
    •   Breakfast and dinner included
    •   One way flight to Medina
  •   From 8 Dhu-l-hijja to 12/13 Dhu-l-hijja / 13 October to 17/18 October (MENA and ARAFAT)
    •   Accommodation at Mena will be in North America camp with air conditioned tents.
    •   Accommodation at Arafat will be in North America camp (5milles from Jamarat).
    •   Mattress and boxed food will be served for each Hajj.
    •   One hot meal daily will be served during the manasek period (8-11 ZH) at the camps.
  •   From 12/13 Dhu-l-hijja to 13/14 Dhu-l-hijja / 17/18 October to 18/19 October (Jeddah)
    •   1 night accommodation in 4 star Jeddah Hotel (if needed).

All Hajj package includes:

  •   All transportation will be in government provided air-conditioned buses.
  •   Muslim Scholars will accompany the group.
  •   Visit to historic sites in Medina.

Package Price does not include Hajj draft Fee of USD 300
Sacrifice (Qurbani) USD 120
Fedex Mailing Charges ( Invoice will be provided )